Why Ready Mix Plaster?

An ordinary plaster has several disadvantages as compared to German Plast, a ready mix plaster. Our plant uses a bi product of Calclay India and other natural products in a systematic and scientific manner to produce German Plast. Hence, it gives us a sustainable and technical advantage over the other plasters. The table below explains the other differences:

Advantages of ready-made cement mixture over the traditional cement mixture.
ParameterGerman PlastOrdinary Plaster
Quality of sandHigh quality purified and graded sand as per IS specification 1542 – 1992Low quality sand
Chances of contamination with salt, sulphate, organic matters, slit, clay flake, and other particles.
GradingEnsure optimum consistency using different sieves.Single sieve does not provide correct grading of sand.
Ratio of mixingRight and consistent proportion of cement and sand mixture.Different ratio of mixing affects the quality of mixture.
WastageNo wastage due to compact packaging of 40 kg bags.About 25% – 30% wastage during sieving and mixing.
Labor ExpertiseOnly water addition is required which does not need much expertise. (7 to 7.5 liters per 40kg) Labor required for shifting, sieving and mixing cement and sand.
CoverageCovers larger areas in less amount of plaster.

Covers 0.40 sq. ft per kg giving the ideal12.0 mm of thickness.

Required more plaster.
No assurance of coverage.
(0.28 sq. ft per kg)
QualityBetter finishing.
Less putty required.
Increases the lifetime and durability of construction
High chances of leakage, cracking, blister etc
Quantity of cementZero moisture ensures zero lumpsMore cement required due to bulking
Space constrainEasy to carry to even very narrow roads and can done Plastering in easy way at any circumstancesRequired separate space for keeping Sand and Cement

How it’s used?

  • Clean the surface to be plastered and make it wet accordingly.

  • For concrete and smooth surface do hawking (make the surface rough)

  • Add water to German Plast (7.0 to 7.5 liters per 40 kg )

  • Allow 5.0 min time for reactions and dissolution of polymer additives.

  • Mix well

  • Sprinkle water after 24 hours of plastering do and continue the same for two days.

German Plast vs other Ready Mix Plaster
ParameterGerman Ready Mix PlasterOthers
WorkabilityVery GoodOK
Time Taken / Sq.feet1.84 Min.2.43 Min.
Cost per Sq.feetRs. 12.2 /-Rs.17.2 /-
Putty RequirementLessMore