Why Readymix Cement Plaster?

Comparison of German Plast, the ready to use Cement Plaster With Plaster available in work Site.
ParameterGerman PlastOrdinary Plaster
Quality of sandHigh quality purified and graded sand as per IS specification 1542 – 1992Low quality sand , chance of contamination With Salt, Sulphate, Organic matters Slit, Clay flake, Elongated particles etc
GradingAssuring Proper ratio of Size by using different sievesUsing same sieve, not able to get Proper Grading of Sand
Ratio of mixingMixing of Cement and Sand always in same ProporationQuality affected by different ratio in different times
WastageAvailable in ready to use 40 kg bags. Absolutely No Wastage in any stageWastage during Loading and unloading in site, in sieving and mixing. About 25 to 30 % Wastage
LabourOnly to use Water.(Normally7.0 to 7.5 litres per 40 kg )Labour required for shifting Cement, Sand to site, Sieving of Sand, Mixing of sand and Cement etc
ResultRequired less plaster to cover more area Assured coverage of 0.40Sq.feet per kg (12.0 mm thickness)Required more plaster.No assurance of coverage. Normally 0.28 sq.feet per kg
QualityDue to good quality of Plastering, better finish.Required lessPutty. Life and Strength of Building improvedDue to poor quality of plastering, High Chance of Leakage, Cracking, Blister etc
Quantity of cementBulking not formed due to no moistureMore cement required due to bulking
Space constrainEasy to carry to even very narrow roads and can done Plastering in easy way at any circumstancesRequired separate space for keeping Sand and Cement


  • Clean the surface to be plastered and make it wet accordingly

  • For Concrete and smooth surface do hawking (make the surface rough)

  • Open the German Plast bag ,mix it with water (normally 7.0 to 7.5 litres of water is required per 40 kg )

  • Allow 5.0 min time for reactionsand dissolution of polymer additives

  • After proper mixing you can use the German plast for plastering

  • After 24 hours of plastering do sprinkling and continue the same only for two more days

  • Use the plaster within 60 Min