Home Care During Monsoons

Monsoons are certainly one of the most exciting seasons of the year. The beautiful experience of sitting on the balcony of your house and watching the raindrops is truly mesmerizing.


However, the season also brings the odds of damaging to your den. Leakage, cracks, rust, fungus, and dampness are some of the few diseases that your home becomes vulnerable to. And, one of the worst affected, are the walls of your house.


German Plast brings to you, the tips and tricks to prevent the damage to the walls when it is pouring outside.


Protecting the exterior walls of your home

The quality of paint used on the exterior of a house plays an important role in protecting the walls. The inferior quality paint allows moisture seepage which gets collected within the walls. This built-up moisture creates damp patches along the interior wall surfaces resulting in shedding of the wall paint.


Once the moisture gets collected within walls, it remains there even after the monsoon season so, the walls repainted afterward, remain prone to the damage.


To protect the walls from damage, a coat of waterproof cement paint is highly recommended much prior to the setting in of the monsoons. A coat of damp proofer can be applied to the exterior of your house as a decorative as well as waterproof paint.

Protecting the interior of your home

Ensure cross-ventilation to keep the humidity level in check and reduce the effect of dampness.

Even the damage is already been done and the walls are peeling due to dampness, there are still ways to reverse the effect.

  • Fill and seal the cracks with modified waterproof mortar.
  • Use the same polymer to seal the joints in the pipes that carry the rain water.
  • Replace the damaged wall tiles, if any, to prevent water seeping.
  • Open the structural cracks in a ‘V’ shape and fill with crack fill-putty before painting the walls.
  • Ensure there is no loose plaster by tapping on the walls. (A hollow sound is an indicator of loose plaster.)
  • Ensure proper curing time post the repair work to bridge the cracks during re-plastering.
  • Make the surface dry and free from dust by scraping with sandpaper.
  • Fungus-affected areas need separate bleach powder treatment.


So, the next time you are planning to get your walls painted makes sure you do it before the monsoon. Moreover, opt for the specialized paint with high water repellency that is modified with silicon. You will enjoy the season without the worries.

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