German Plast – A source of competitive advantage

With the infrastructural development, the demand for construction materials has also gained pace and the cement industry being a part of this has welcomed many big players in this.

Cement is a bulk article of trade and a low value product. It is used in all construction activities as a primary constituent of concrete. As far as the quality of cement is concerned, there is no major variation as the raw materials used are all similar and production processes are also more or less same.

In spite this; the Indian cement industry has a large number of fragmented firms. However, there is a dearth of new players as incumbents have already procured key raw material sources, like limestone reserves on long-term leases. Further, large firms are continuously consolidating by acquiring smaller ones that find it difficult to attain minimum efficient scale of production. In order to sustain the market competition, it is important to have a different and future-looking approach in the manufacturing process.

The Cement Production Process

The river sand is one of the important raw materials of cement production process. But, digging the sand hampers the rivers and leaves a long-term effect on the environment. Further, greenhouse gas emissions from cement manufacturing also pose a serious environmental threat. With stringent emission norms, the production process needs to be made environmentally sustainable.

Having studied the cement industry and identified the main issues facing the firms, German Plast team engaged in an in-depth analysis of the firm’s resources to identify the sources of sustainable competitive advantage.

Ready Mix Concrete

Calclay India started with idea of manufacturing the ready-to-use plaster using the by-product obtained from its mines. Developed on international standards of product engineering, the company approached the labs approved by the Quality Council of India to ensure high-standards of cement plaster.

Calclay India introduced German Plast, a ready-to-use cement plaster developed by the expert team with the support of Quality Council of India accredited laboratory. German Plast is engineered and manufactured using purified and graded sand approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for cement plastering ingredients. It includes high-grade cement along with polymer additives which gives better bonding, strength and durability to the system.

Our greatest strength is raw material sourcing. With our commitment towards environmental liabilities and use of natural products, we are recycling the waste products using systematic and scientific techniques. By following environmental friendly practices we ensure optimum use of the natural resources.

German Plast uses the waste by-product obtained from the mines. The process solves two purposes – one, the rivers are not touched in the making and two, it uses the by-product which otherwise is dumped as a waste material.

We understand the importance of every construction for its customers and value their emotions behind the same. Therefore, we are striving to become an environment-friendly producer of cement plaster which ultimately also gives us a cost advantage by means of utilizing the waste by-product.

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