Add a “WOW” factor to your room

We all have some desires for our dream house. While, having a beautiful and captivating interior is one thing, but a crafty modern design, sustainability, and integration with natural elements is also of absolute importance.

To have the former features is a matter of taste but the later ones are the part of basic home-building engineering. Once a strong, durable and living-friendly structure is set in place, then comes the time to add that extra “wow” factor to your dream home.

If you are one of those who like to experiment and is not reluctant to try of different themes, then read on to inculcate some cool and different ideas to decorate your home.

How to dress a room to impress?

A little wallpaper, paint, and or colorful accents could make such a big difference in your home. Here are a few ideas of home decor to make your dream home unique.


Dark colors can create exciting interiors with a palette of greys, blues and blacks. However, bright colors have its own charm and can add a different life factor in our interior design. If you don’t fancy using paint but want to bring in pattern as well then there is a wonderful choice of wallpapers which will make your heart beat a little faster.


Oversize and emotive art piece is an instant turn-up to create an impact in a room. Choose a single large image or create a gallery wall with lots of different images. You don’t have to break the bank to create this look either. You can go down to your local art shop, buy a canvas and a few paints and let the creative juices flow.


This is an easiest and the perfect, way to take your room from good to extraordinary. Invest in a statement light like a stunning glass chandelier which can really pop against the dark walls. Another alternative is to invest in a piece of neon art for the walls which will combine statement walls with statement lighting.


When the rules are challenged, or even broken, wonderful things can happen especially when our end result is to create drama. Put things in unexpected places like wallpaper in the bathroom. People don’t usually expect to see it there. Put a canvas painting among the crockery on your kitchen shelves or mix some traditional pieces with a modern setting.


The natural glow and reflective quality of metallic add glamour and sparkle to any room. For a quicker, and more affordable, try highlighting features with metallic paint or invest in some shiny gold home accessories.
The bottom-line is – be brave, be bold and show off!

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