Our vision became a reality.

Calclay India introduces German Plast, a ready-to-use, ready mixed cement plaster developed by the expert team with the support of Quality Council of India accredited laboratory. Our product is well accepted by all the experts in the field of construction industry – civil engineers, architects, building consultants and contractors.

“It’s Not A Magic …It’s A Fact…!!!”

The application of German Plast leads to a host of advantages like:

  • High quality

  • Less Labour

  • Zero wastage

  • Better coverage and finish

  • Less putty required

  • Easy to carry

  • Time saving

  • Only water required

  • More than 25% saving in comparison to conventional method of plastering.

German Plast is a best ready-to-use and ready mix plaster manufacturer’s cement company based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. We are engineered and manufactured using purified and graded sand approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for cement plastering ingredients. It includes high-grade cement along with polymer additives which gives better bonding, strength and durability to the system.

GERMAN PLAST: Empowering Excellence:-

Ideally, plastering should be 3 times to the sq. ft of the construction. Being the protective layer for a wall, plastering should not exceed 10 to 12 mm in thickness. But many a times, it goes up to 22 mm due to the quality of the bricks and labor. Further, excess plaster makes the structure overweight.

A True Show case of “निर्माण” Ab Hoga Asaan :-

This is where German Plast gives an edge over the traditional plastering. Since it is a ready-made mixture of plastering, it does not require much of the labor expertise. Therefore, it makes an ideal protective layer without adding and excessive weight to the structure.

Calclay understands the importance of every construction for its customers and values their emotions behind the same. Therefore, everyone at Calclay India strives to keep up the standards and work. We also deal in industrial mineral like China Clay, Red Ochre, Yellow Ochre, and many more.

We are committed towards our environmental liabilities and ensure the use of natural products and recycling items by systematic and scientific techniques. By following environmental friendly practices we ensure optimum use of the natural resources.